Wnet Diversity Champions

The Wnet Diversity Champion Award is the payment industry’s award for recognizing leadership in the areas of inclusion, respect and diversity. Diversity must be part of the corporate culture, and that culture is created and reinforced daily by individual leaders. Therefore, Wnet offers two awards: The Corporate Diversity Champion Award and the Individual Diversity Champion Award. Wnet recognizes organizations and individuals through an ongoing process that includes nomination, application and evaluation. The award recognizes an achieved standard and is not a competition.

Achieving diversity is an evolutionary process that requires a continued renewal of our commitment to strategies of inclusion. Diversity is an inclusive concept and encompasses, without limitation, gender, race, color, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, nationality, age, disability and marital and parental status. 

A diverse team of talented payments professionals is central to the success of every payments company. With greater diversity, we are more creative, effective and profitable.  We can command more varied perspectives, experiences, backgrounds, talents and interests. 

Wnet facilitates diversity by providing opportunities for all Wnet members to become active participants and contributors to the future of Wnet, and we are committed to diversity in the recruitment and selection of Wnet leaders. 

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Previous winners of the Wnet Individual Diversity Champion Award include:

          - Theresa Gongora, TSYS

          - Kim Holmes, Discover