Member Spotlight

Audrey Blackmon, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Verrency

Audrey Blackmon is currently the SVP Business Development at Verrency. She has been a Wnet member since 2005 where she learned about Wnet in her industry. Audrey joined Wnet for the opportunity to give back and to connect with women leaders in the payments industry. She is currently involved in Wnet through the new Bay Area LINC. What Audrey finds the greatest benefit of her involvement so far has been is the opportunity to meet and develop strong relationships with industry women. 

Her greatest fun, "ah ha", or victory moment as a Wnet member has been that years ago she was assigned a mentor.  After years of working with ISO’s, she made a big professional leap to leaving her corporate job and start an ISO.  Was Audey nervous? Ofcourse, she states she was very nervous and thought it would be a good time to get a mentor who had been through a similar transition.  During their first call she learned that her mentor had just lost her mother.  Their conversation quickly turned to providing comfort to her.  It was a natural, spiritual experience.  She forgot all about her original objectives. Being of service to someone else in their moment of need reminded her of her bigger purpose in life.  This was the beginning of a wonderful long term relationship. 

Audreys advice she would give to other Wnet members is to stay active and relevant. Give back to others by sharing your time, vision and experiences. Never under estimate your relevance and importance to others. Advice Audrey would give to any woman in payments who is not yet a Wnet member, to get involved. Wnet is a great way to give back and stay relevant. 

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